Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Designer Eiko Ishioka's 'Mirror Mirror' Costumes Are a Spectacular Finale To Her Career

Expect a posthumous Best Costume Design Oscar nomination for the iconic Japanese designer's last film.
If your memories of Snow White harken back to your Disney days, you’ll be blown away by director Tarsem Singh’s new adaptation, Mirror Mirror.
Visually, the film is the final masterwork of costume designer Eiko Ishioka, passed way from pancreatic cancer in January at the age of 73. Ishioka, who won an Oscar for her work on Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, created mind-blowing, surrealistic costumes that elevate the Grimm’s fairy tale to a spectacular, visually stunning, cinematic experience, starringJulia Roberts, Lilly Collins, Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane.

The size of the gowns alone is staggering: The Evil Queen (Roberts) and Snow White’s (Collins) gowns measure 5’8” to 6’ in circumference, handmade from 25-35 yards of fabric, with huge wire cages and corsets underneath. The Queen’s piece de resistance wedding gown weighed a toppling 60 lbs and was 8 ft in diameter.
Singh has worked with Ishioka  on all his films, his dream-like virtual reality thriller, The Cell starringJennifer LopezThe Fall and his most recent mythical epic, The Immortals.
“From the moment I worked with Eiko, there was no other,” Singh says. “There was no going back if you wanted something fantastic.”

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