Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #9

9. Try Bright Shoes.
Liven up any outfit with a pair of bright shoes. You can find everything from neon pink ballerina flats to cobalt sandals in the stores right now. For cooler weather -- and a trendy look -- you can pair bright shoes with black tights; wear bright shoes with bare legs in warmer weather.


On Looklet Model Marlene:
Body - Vintage
Jeans - Levi's Curve ID
Heels - CH Carolina Herrera

Just like my version in rule #4 (Wear brights with black), as you can see, I used the bright rule in the shoes, not knowing I'd have to create a similar outfit again here. :)
Anyway, for "safe dressers" out there, fab shoes could be the way to go. If you are not the type who likes to color block/experiment with outfit colors, just go for the shoes. You may go all white, brown, or black and focus on the wildest shoes ever. It does one of the best fab-tricks ever.
For all my other blogger friends out there who claim to not be too experimental, yet wants to apply the brights rules, this is for you!


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  2. this is a helpful tip. :) thanks for sharing.
    will sure to apply this rule!

    The Fashion Chalet

  3. Great post! Visit my blog and let me know if you want a follow back or link exchange :)

  4. I love bright colors footwear especially that my uniform is all black from top to bottom.

  5. this is the simplest way to pimp up an attire for me!


  6. I like the yellow shoes kayo di ako sanay sa high heels e. Just love the color and right combi sya with black pants. Salamat sa tips.

    Mommy Maye (

    1. Whatever makes you happy :) go with flats if you want... Ikaw padin dapat ang masusunod diba? :)

  7. im wishing for mustard color shoes :)

    1. perfect color... not too loud, not too safe either ;-)