Saturday, June 30, 2012

BLOG MEME: 5 Things I Want To Do Before I Get Old

I feel a little bad about not having participated the whole week and realizing it just today...actually just moments ago. But I'm gonna catch up! :)

Now for this week's Blog Meme: 5 THINGS I WANT TO DO BEFORE I GET OLD

1. Establish my own businesses for more employment opportunities
I don't really know what businesses exactly, but I want it to mainly be for more employment for people. Profit, yes...But the fact that it will offer more jobs makes me feel more at peace.

2. Have at least 1 child
I have been wanting to have a child/children of my own.  Honestly, I don't care too much about having a husband at this point, but I want to bear a child that I will raise on my own, teach all that I wish was taught to me when I was younger (not that I'm complaining, I love how my parents have raised me), turn into someone very Godly and become a good citizen of the world :)

3. Be a professional fashion stylist
It was just lately that I've realized the thrill that styling gives me. I did not grow up a fashionista, but creating physical outlook changes (clothing, accessories, make up, etc) in my head with most people that I meet has always thrilled me...and I'm happy that I gave myself a chance to realize this.

4. To be active in outreach programs
I want and have to be an active contributor to society.  Why? Because I have all that I have right now for a reason: to share to others. I have always believed that I was given most of my material wealth to share to those who need it most.  My talents, time, and my heart as well. :)  But you know what, I personally think that everybody else should think this way for a change. I almost can't imagine the kind of positive change that could happen if it should happen! :)

5. Travel!
Definitely travel! Within the country and outside! It's an experience of finding yourself while getting lost... and discovering lives that you never knew existed, what people need, have, and give, and just plain experiencing the vastness of God's creative love ;-) Any "mind opening" experience for me actually is a must.


Complimentary:   This color scheme uses two colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel such as red and green or yellow and violet.   Because there is a strong contrast between complimentary colors rooms using this color scheme are bold...

Using the 3 primary colors and their complementaries in the color wheel, Looklet model Miu will be seen below showing how it will basically look.  

You may also refer to this color wheel for a quick guide. 

Primary color RED compliments with GREEN
Top - COS Sweater
Jeans - Ravishing Mad 
Sandals - Hope

Primary color YELLOW compliments with PURPLE
Tank Top - Kuyichi
Shorts - Gant
Sneakers - Tretorn

Primary color BLUE compliments with ORANGE
Tank Top - Wesc
Pants - Zara
Sandals - Marc by Marc Jacobs


The color wheel is a good start in knowing your colors in fashion in general. Here are a few that can help you understand and remember.
The COLOR WHEEL has 12 segments that consist of primary, secondary and tertiary hues, or colors.

The three PRIMARY colors are RED, YELLOW, and BLUE. They form a triangle on the wheel. These colors cannot be mixed by combining any other colors. They are indicated on the color wheel with a P.

The three SECONDARY colors of ORANGE, VIOLET, and GREEN (marked on the chart by an S) are created by mixing equal parts of the primary colors they fall in between; ie, VIOLET is the secondary color produced by mixing equal parts of RED and BLUE.

The TERIARY colors are the colors that result from mixing the primary and secondary colors on either side of them: ie, mixing the secondary color ORANGE with the primary color RED results in red-orange. These colors are marked on the color wheel with a T.

Hue: Hue refers to the, blue, etc.

The primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, or hues, are these colors at their full saturation or brightness; that is, there, there is no white, gray, or black added.

Value: the lightness or darkness of a color, or the relative amount (percentage) of white or black in a hue.

Luminosity, or Lightness: A measure of the amount of light reflected from a hue. Those hues with a high content of white have a higher luminance, or value.

Tints: white when added in increments to any color results in a lighter value of that color, called a tint. Blue and white make light blue, which is a tint of Blue.

Shades: black or gray when added in increments to any color results in a darker value of that color, called a shade. Blue and Black make dark blue, a shade of blue.

Saturation: The degree of purity of a hue.

Intensity: The brightness or dullness of a hue. Iintensity maybe lowered by adding white or black. 


A color scheme is simply a group of colors that harmonize with each other.  The basic color schemes are:
  • Complimentary:   This color scheme uses two colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel such as red and green or yellow and violet.   Because there is a strong contrast between complimentary colors rooms using this color scheme are bold.   
    Complementary color shades can be broken down further into the following categories;

  • Split Complementary – this scheme is used when one color is combined with the two colors on opposite sides of its complementary color.

  • Triad – a triad is accomplished when three colors of equal distance to each other on the color wheel are used.  Red, yellow and blue combine to make a triad color scheme.

  • Tetrad – by combining to pairs of complimentary colors a tetrad color scheme is created.

  • Analogous: Using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

  • Monochromatic:  Using the same color with different shades, tints or tones.  Textural interest should be added to monochromatic color schemes to keep them from getting boring.  In addition, a small bit of color added to accessories will enhance a monochromatic color scheme. 

For additional ideas on color blocking...

Before class ends, here are some easy tips & techniques to keep in mind when color blocking:
1. Analogous colors: any three colors lined up on the color wheel (e.g. violet, violet-red & red)
2. Complementary colors: any colors directly across from each other (e.g. blue & orange)
3. Pair colors that form 90 degree angles with each other (e.g. yellow & red -orange)
4. Pair colors that form an X (e.g. blue, orange, violet-red & yellow etc.)
5. Pair colors that form a T (e.g. yellow, blue-green & red-orange)
6. Color-families You can substitute pink (tint) with red and still be able to pull off the combos based on the color wheel.

I think these are "nice to take note of" ideas, especially when it's you're a beginner at color blocking. Don't be afraid to try, it's just a matter of how confident you wear what you picked. Ever wonder why some people seem to look good on such clothing that you'd never have the guts to wear? Well, I guess that's probably the trick. :)

For more color blocking "lessons", continue to follow this blog and join me as I venture deeper into the color blocking world. I'm no expert in it, but why can't I let myself in on all the fun?! :D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #10

10. Pair Brights with White.

A pretty way to wear brights during warmer weather is to add a single pop of bright color to an otherwise all white outfit like Judy Greer has done. 

Below is Judy Greer in white with pink bag

On Looklet model Marlene:
Blouse - One Teaspoon
Necklace - Lanvin for H&M
Skirt - Noir&Blanc
Wedges - Elie Saab

This is an outfit that can be worn on a dress down Friday at work. Instead of using a simple shirt, I used a more interesting blouse to add a little formal look in it. Having chosen a "hi-lo" style with a ruffled neckline added a more feminine touch, especially when air moves around it or even just simply by the movement of the person wearing it. It also gives  a more dramatic "presentation" to the skirt. I couldn't let the skirt's style go to waste! As you can see, I've highlighted it for the viewers.

With choosing to go all white, it is not necessary that you wear white for footwear as well.  A neutral shade of footwear is what I picked to kind of break the "whiteness" but not clash with it nor grab more attention, and its casual look went very well with the rest of the outfit. Why didn't I choose a pair white wedges? I might have as well made Marlene wear white rain boots if she wasn't going for a 90s look ;-)

And of course, the popping bright color that we used is with the jewelry.  For a change, I chose a popping bright pink necklace (attachable by a ribbon) to maintain the "girlyness" and youthful image.  Luckily it was larger than expected because this was the perfect size that I had in mind for Marlene. For more pieces like this, check out EXTREME FINDS!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist thinking of making changes! I know this is all unsolicited advice but, with this picture of Keira Knightly, all I felt was to get in through the monitor and change her! :)

"Here she is at the L.A. Film Festival premiere of "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" in a Valentino-designed dress and minimal makeup."

Although I wished I had the software and time to make the changes I wanted, here are the changes I want to make: 

- toss out that wreath on her head
- let her hair down and put on some shine on them brown waves
- put on evening make up
- cut the dress up to 3 inches above her knees
- put on a silk mute pink ribbon belt like the one from Beyond Retro like I used HERE
- change her shoes to Jimmy Choo red strappy heels like THIS
- and make her use a bejeweled gold frame minaudiere red clutch from Heys like THIS

That's it! I admire you, Keira... But I just wished you were dressed better during this event :)


Alot of things make me happy.. And the fact that I have actually identified my hard-core happiness is something I'm so proud of! Seriously speaking, finding your true happiness is a BIG step in our lives. A lot of people don't realize that they haven't found it yet, and a lot don't even realize its importance. Personally, I have gone through several months trying to find out what really makes me happy. I've actually gone almost depressed, frustrated, and even complaining so much that I could almost scream at anyone that gets in my way. But thank God, He lead my way into my own heart. :) Yes, my own heart has always known what it wanted because God has planted them all in here even before I was born. So here is a list of some of the things that make me extremely happy. (Not necessarily in order)

1. The Feast
2. Dancing
3. Fashion
4. Colors
5. Childhood memories
6. Friends
7. My work now and friends that came along
8. Alone time with my mother
9. Having the family together during Christmas
10. Christmas
11. Travelling
12. Learning something new from a friend
13. Food
14. Theater art
15. Reading
16. Daydreaming
17. Music
18. Cold temperature

You know what, I don't really think I'll see the end of this. Why don't you just check me out at Pinterest if you're really interested in what makes me happy :) I post everything and anything there that catches my attention and tugs at my heart.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #9

9. Try Bright Shoes.
Liven up any outfit with a pair of bright shoes. You can find everything from neon pink ballerina flats to cobalt sandals in the stores right now. For cooler weather -- and a trendy look -- you can pair bright shoes with black tights; wear bright shoes with bare legs in warmer weather.


On Looklet Model Marlene:
Body - Vintage
Jeans - Levi's Curve ID
Heels - CH Carolina Herrera

Just like my version in rule #4 (Wear brights with black), as you can see, I used the bright rule in the shoes, not knowing I'd have to create a similar outfit again here. :)
Anyway, for "safe dressers" out there, fab shoes could be the way to go. If you are not the type who likes to color block/experiment with outfit colors, just go for the shoes. You may go all white, brown, or black and focus on the wildest shoes ever. It does one of the best fab-tricks ever.
For all my other blogger friends out there who claim to not be too experimental, yet wants to apply the brights rules, this is for you!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #8

8. The Bright Pant.
Add a single bright element to any outfit and make it look instantly updated. Our favorite? The neon bright pant. We like a skinny jean or legging in brights for a streamlined, but fun look. You can keep the rest of the outfit neutral or mix in a contrasting bright for a balanced look. Remember that brights highlight whatever area you wear them on, so if you are bottom heavy, you should wear bright pants with caution (just be sure to cover your bottom with a dark or neutral tunic for camouflage.)


Below is Sarah Shahi in bright pants

On Looklet model Marlene:
Earrings - Accessorize
Blazer - Next
Top - Billy And I
Pants - Ellos
Heels - Manolo Blahnik

I think I spent the last 15 minutes deciding on the belt for Marlene. Turns out, she was fine without it and the reason why I couldn't find happiness in the belt collections is none of them was able to make up for the size of the pants. I wanted to get Marlene a size smaller to avoid the bunch up in her hip area. Good thing the belt area of the pants looked good on its own apart from not having any belt loops anyway.

As for rule #8, the singleness of the bright colored pants added instant spark to the whole outfit. Although it may also be suggested that other colors may be mixed with this pair of pants, this is the safest look for me. Safe in the sense that although the top and footwear may be on the neutral side, they still have the bright pants to add fun to the whole outfit. Again, balance has been used. Marlene's neat ponytail and earrings also added "work professionalism" to the fun combination.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #7

7. Go Monochromatic with Brights.
Head-to-toe cobalt or yellow? Why not? Not only are brights great layered with other brights, they are also pretty worn monochromatically. If all that bright is too much for you, opt for varying hues of one color, like the different tones of yellow pictured.

Below is a monochromatic combination of yellow

Below is Looklet model Marlene
On Marlene:
Top - Bless
Belt - Saddler
Skirt - Acne
Bracelet 1 - Pilgrim
Bracelet 2 - Elvira Sazesh
Heels - Karen Millen

Marlene's 2nd look:

Top - Bless
Belt - Saddler
Skirt - Sonia By Sonie Rykiel
Bracelet 1 - Pilgrim
Bracelet 2 - Elvira Sazesh
Clutch - D&G
Heels - Karen Millen

On both looks, I used the purple hue for Marlene. One reason why I chose this is because purple is one of the best hues that can be used on her color (due to a naturally yellow undertone). Also, see how the soft and light-weight top perfectly rests on all the right places! The color, texture, and delicacy accentuates her beautiful neck, shoulders, and chest. It's just so simply there, yet it gives off such huge chic points! And by the way, this is one way to show skin without looking "slutty".

Going back to rule #7.  A monochromatic looks means using a combination of different hues that belong to just one group/palette.  Remember rule #6 where two different bright colors may tone down each other while they may be eye-sores when used alone unless donned the "right" way? Well here's one way to use a single bright color...dress monochromatically. 

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #6

6. Wear 2 Brights at a Time.

The no-fuss approach to wearing brights? Wear two at a time. Mix yellow with bright blue. Or cobalt with pink. It "grounds" the look and you can get away with two neon brights (which can look harsh by themselves) this way.


Below: Yellow bag with cobalt dress

Below is Looklet Model Jazz
On Jazz:
Dress - Raasta
Belt - Marc O Polo
Handbag - Longchamp
Flats - H&M

Although I would've chosen much brighter selections, this is the best that I could put together.  This is a more casual version of the rule. Bright orange and pink combined didn't clash being a combination of just the two of them. But having just neon orange or just neon pink alone could possibly become "eye sores" if worn wrong. Quite a tricky style, if you ask me. Again, with the balancing theory, two brights tone each other down. More than two brights at the same time need very careful analysis. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sleeves, Necklines, Collars, and Dress Types

Thanks for the idea!
Something to remember for fashion enthusiasts out there...from Vogue Sewing, circa 1982


Grace Kelly  


Hermes Bag


Hermes Kelly Bag | Forever Hot Item


No, my love, I didn't forget :) Johnny Depp turned 49 two days ago


This is a pair of booties that a friend of mine (Marose) got from The Ramp Makati last year. She took a picture of it and posted on Facebook, saying that she hasn't worn it for quite some time now... Good thing she has...otherwise, it's bad waste for good taste ;-)

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #5

5. Mix Brights with More Brights
Why not mix all your brights together like Jean Paul Gaultier did on the runway? Cobalt, grass great, yellow and a spot of coral all play off each other beautifully.


Below: Jean Paul Gaultier runway

Below: Looklet model Jaqueline
On Jaqueline:
Top- Strenesse Blue
Skirt - Topshop
Belt - Rules by Mary Belt
Shoulderbag - Only
Heels - Manolo Blahnik

Having created a more "wearable" look for most women, brights on brights did create a stand-out look despite the simplicity.  Again, balancing the extremes, I used bright colors for plain and simple designs/styles. This is how runway looks become more wearable.

As for the shoes, I chose a neutral looking color to tone down the overall brights a little bit. Considering the bronze color of Jaqueline, an old rose shade did not over power the rest of the outfit but at the same time, was not "left behind" because of its laid back style combined with the heels!

I would most probably wear this on a bright and sunny lunch date with girlfriends :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #4

4. Add Brights to Black.

Brights and black? It's no longer frowned upon as being "too '80s." Now, the hippest looks pair black with shocking brights. Cobalt and black is one of our favorite looks, like Lydia Hearst-Shaw is wearing. And black tights with bright blue shoes has been a runaway hit.


Below is Lydia Hearst-Shaw

Below is my version with Looklet model Matilda
On Matilda:

Mini Dress - COS
Heels - D&G

I believe black goes with ANYTHING. (I'm sure there's a rule written about it somewhere) As much as I wanted to use a pair of heels much brighter than this one and just as fit with the dress, I really didn't have much to choose from. 

This is a perfect way of using your brights.  As for this outfit, it speaks for itself.  Even if all you have on is a dress and a pair of heels, always make sure that it can stand out on its own.  Pick a fashionably classy but simple short dress, preferably in plain and very dark in color. Then match it with a pair of smashing heels.

There's a reason why a little black dress is a must have, and it's because it can be matched with anything. 

Charlize Theron is one gorgeous celebrity that I know of who goes with hardly any accessories.  All she has is her natural beauty and an awesome outfit that turns anyone's heads. 

Friday, June 8, 2012


My eye candy for the moment :) Will catch my attention anytime...

Model - Lucy Jaques
Blouse - Whyred
Shorts - American Apparel
Belt - Beyond Retro
Handbag - Topshop
Ring - Zanzloza Zmycken
Socks - Sneaky Fox
Heels - Costume National

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Crowned Bird | French retro meets Japanese adorableness


From -- truly adorable | very inspiring


...that I want to head out into the night wearing this and doing whatever!

Model - Emmy
T-Shirt - Mouyo
Shorts - Zara
Wedges - Din Sko

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #3

3. The Bright Crossbody Bag.
The simplest way to pop some bright into your life? Add a gorgeous crossbody bag in a bright pink, blue, green or yellow. It's a small dose of chic (look how great it works for Ines de La Fressange) and works great to liven up a casual outfit.


*On the 1st photo is Ines de La Fressange
*On the 2nd and 3rd photos is Looklet model Sarah

On Sarah:
Hat - Smet
Scarf - Dagmar
Shirt - Wrangler
Top - Rodebjer
Jacket - G-Star Raw
Pants - Hunkydory
Boots - H&M
Shoulderbag - Only

Creating my own fab version of Ms. Ines, a bright red/pink shoulder bag was chosen as the crossbody bag. The style being originally monochromatic, the bright touch of the crossbody bag was able to raise the chic-level of the outfit a few notches higher. :)

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #2

2. Bright Solids with Bright Prints.
Add interest to bright prints by adding in a single bright solid like Glenn Close has done here with her hot pink bag added to blue print outfit. Mixing one or more brights together -- even if one is a print -- grounds the whole look.


*On the left is Glenn Close with her pink bag
*On the right is Looklet model Miu

On Miu:
Coat - Martin Bergstrom
Corset - Dolce & Gabbana
Tights - Mads Norgaard
Boots - Guess by Marciano
Pink Clutch - Jimmy Choo

Having found a bright coat to set as an example got me all excited to do just as Glenn Close did. It did turn out beautifully and my on-the-spot creation got me so much "giddier" with brights now, especially with pink. One thing to remember about this rule is, PRINTS, no matter how detailed or intricate, shall be matched with PLAIN no matter how bright the color is. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 Ways to Wear Bright Colors #1

1. Wear a Little Pink Dress.
The little black dress? A classic, of course. But there's no rule that says you can't veer into a pretty bright color occasionally.
Hot pink makes for a gorgeous little black dress substitute. Just keep details to a minimum (brights look best in minimal shapes) and go easy on the accessories to let the dress take center stage.


*On the left is Ahna O'Reilly 
*On the right is Looklet model Miu

On Miu:
Dress - H&M
Earrings - Cartier
Heels - Tiamo
Big shapes with bright colors are only for personalities such as Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj *a shoutout of love to these women*

The logic seems to be similar to prints+plain, dark+light, glam+rock, etc..contrasting characteristics make outfits worth being looked at with appreciation. 


Very basic, but will still serve as a good reminder for others...

By jesssmith

Do you know anything about fashion rules? Do you know how to pair jeans with your tops? Ever heard of thongs and panty lines? If you know nothing on any of what I asked, you should really read this article. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion.
1. Never wear double denim.

We all know that denim jeans can blend with almost anything but it is not ideal to pair it with denim tops also. For instance, jeans and denim jackets or denim pants with denim tops. Forget wearing this combination because it looks shabby and costume-y, aside from that it isn’t trendy at all. When you want to wear denims, make sure to choose either the jeans or denim jackets but not both.

2. Dressing up right for interviews and internships.

When attending meetings or interviews, it is better to overdress than underdress. It might be awkward to overdress for the event but it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Moreover, getting overdressed will leave a good impression than looking like a dag. Just remember this rule whenever you’re going for an interview or internship.

3. Never match up your jeans with running shoes.

If you think running shoes go with jeans, then let me tell you now it’s not. It’s a big no no and I think many fashionistas would agree with this. Never pair up jeans with athletic shoes as an alternative for casual shoes. If it happens that you don’t own one, it’s not an excuse to wear it because running shoes are only use when you’re at the gym or if you’re going for jogging.

4. Undergarments no no!

If we are talking about fashion crimes topping are panty lines. It is so irresistibly annoying that many women still have them. To get rid off the ugly panty lines, you need to wear a thong when your pants are tight and light-colours. If you are not a fan of thongs, try wearing a variety of trousers, seamless boy shorts, or just overcome the fear of wearing thongs. These may seem to be uncomfortable to wear but they are not, just buy the right brand.
A brightly-coloured bra paired with see-through shirts is another fashion crime. It might be a good combo to look during runaways but not in everyday attire. Keep in mind to wear a nude bra underneath every time you are dressed with a white shirt.

5. If you’re not comfortable then don’t wear it.

Finally, this is the most important rule among all with regards to fashion. You may not follow any of the rules mentioned above but please follow this one. Don’t wear what you don’t like, in any given occasion if you’re not feeling well on an outfit just don’t wear it. The main reason of fashion is to make you look great and of course to make you feel comfortable. Wearing something that you do not desire will definitely reflect a bad impression; it will be seen all over your face. Instead of enjoying the event you are attending, you’ll just going to spend much more time looking after your outfit.
Now you know that running shoes cannot be match with your denim pants. Overdressed is better than underdressed for interviews and internships. Panty lines and brightly-coloured bras plus light-coloured shirts and pants are awful sights. Given this information, you are now ready to go out and enjoy fashion and can even share it with your friends.