Thursday, June 21, 2012


Alot of things make me happy.. And the fact that I have actually identified my hard-core happiness is something I'm so proud of! Seriously speaking, finding your true happiness is a BIG step in our lives. A lot of people don't realize that they haven't found it yet, and a lot don't even realize its importance. Personally, I have gone through several months trying to find out what really makes me happy. I've actually gone almost depressed, frustrated, and even complaining so much that I could almost scream at anyone that gets in my way. But thank God, He lead my way into my own heart. :) Yes, my own heart has always known what it wanted because God has planted them all in here even before I was born. So here is a list of some of the things that make me extremely happy. (Not necessarily in order)

1. The Feast
2. Dancing
3. Fashion
4. Colors
5. Childhood memories
6. Friends
7. My work now and friends that came along
8. Alone time with my mother
9. Having the family together during Christmas
10. Christmas
11. Travelling
12. Learning something new from a friend
13. Food
14. Theater art
15. Reading
16. Daydreaming
17. Music
18. Cold temperature

You know what, I don't really think I'll see the end of this. Why don't you just check me out at Pinterest if you're really interested in what makes me happy :) I post everything and anything there that catches my attention and tugs at my heart.


  1. Congratulations for the first ever Meme!

  2. family get-together make me happy too :)

  3. Almost the same things for me sis! I wasn't able to join the MEME though, too bad for me. Next topic maybe. Just keep smiling sis and the world will smile back at you. :-)

  4. Nice to know you through this post!
    I like #16 too!

    1. hahaha isn't it? It's nice break from reality once in a while

  5. I also like cold temp. Too bad it still feels like summer here sometimes.

  6. Christmas is also my favorite time of the year. Continue counting your blessings and you will never run out of it.

  7. Oh gosh, I'm only a fan of heat AT THE BEACH AND THE SAUNA. But never anywhere else :) hehehe

  8. now that im a new mom, i appreciate my mom more than ever and now, like you one of the things that makes me happy are my quality time with my mom. :)

    1. Yup always will be :) Congratulations!

  9. happy times with happy family.. the best memories I could ever treasure.. :)

    and ooh cool that you like cold temperature.. :) I'm the anti hot weather, but not a pro cold though.. :)

  10. hahaha, you are right. There are just so many things that make us happy, that find us difficult to identify which are the bests. This perhaps the reason why until now, I haven't written something for this meme. LOL!


  11. You seem to like Christmas a lot. I used to enjoy daydreaming, but now I'm too busy if not distracted by all these gadgets and blogs to even daydream for a few minutes. :P