Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Muffin Comfort

Today is technically my 13th day here in Singapore, and still no luck. With that and all the other personal "sad" things going on with me, I must admit that I am currently feeling a little low. :(  I have never prayed for anything so hard in my life until I got here. hahaha for some people, you know what I'm talking about.

And so before my friend Ayin went to bed, she somehow managed to offer me her last Bread Talk chocolate muffin, which I attempted to set aside on the counter next to my bed to save for breakfast. But since I was not too sleepy yet and I was feeling a little sad...maybe God gave me that muffin for this reason, huh? He wanted to give me a little chocolate comfort....Thank You Lord. :)

*Not the actual muffin, but this was the Bread Talk muffin I was talking about

Now who wouldn't want to give in to a little comfort with this lovely smelling and mouth watering looking baby? I won't be guilty this time...or maybe I will be, when I wake up. 

Tomorrow/later when I wake up, it shall be a new day of hope, prayer, and persistence. Oh Lord, I really can not do this without You.  Please give me strength!

Thanks again for the muffin <3