Friday, August 26, 2011

Missing Father E

Father Eric  has become one of my favorite Catholic priests ever. That's because he's so funny, you'd really find yourself ROFL. He conducts mass at The Feast  (founded by Bo Sanchezevery Sunday at the PICC.

Unfortunately, I admit that I was kind of disappointed to see a different priest last Sunday.  It was Father E's turn and I was so eager to hear him conduct mass that 3rd Sunday of the month.  Turns out, we wouldn't be hearing much of him until next year! :( Here's what he announced in his Facebook wall last Tue, Aug 23rd:

"FATHER E signing off . . . i will be taking my sabbatical course in san francisco, california from sept to dec. kaya wala muna ko sa TAMBAYAN. will be back on air on the first sabadabadooh of january! LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH THROUGH THIS PAGE. Salamat kay Chacha, sa mga nagmamahal kay Chacha na minahal na din ako at sa mga Tambayers for making me a part of TAMBAYAN FAMILY!!!! Mami miss ko ang Sabado nights . . . at kayo! 
Pero sabi ko nga, nandito lang ako. Will keep on posting. God bless!"

Oh well, we should be happy for him. It's not always good to be this crazy over one Catholic priest, anyway.. hehe I don't think God wanted any of us to be so much of a fanatic. After all, he is a man of God, out to spread the Lord's word...not a celebrity. ;-)

Take care Father E.! 

Father E. (Tambayan 101.9)