Thursday, June 23, 2011

not always proud

*Thanks to PinoyMonkeyPride of YouTube

I don't have kids yet. So I don't really know what goes on in a parent's mind when it comes to their kids. When my mother tells me that she's proud of me, I know she is...even if I make mistakes. She is proud of everything about me.

So when we say that we are proud to be Filipino, this is because acknowledge our abilities. May it be in the arts, sports, business, or politics. We know we can be the best at certain things because certain fellow Filipinos have done it for us. They represent us. They take in blows, criticisms, pain, and pressure for all the rest of the Pinoys worldwide. They share their gifts.

They shared.

SHARING is out of love.

Love for our other neighbors is what we lack. We see homeless people, the sick, the hungry, the dying.. yeah, we feel sad for them and all. But do we love them enough to actually do something about what we see? Heck, we even brush off beggars on a daily basis!

We are not expected to feed a whole group of hungry people or even a single family. Simple actions should be enough.

Feed a homeless person for a day. Talk to them. Acknowledge their existence. I've done my feels pretty good you know. Whether I have enough money for the day or not, I still do. Seriously..but I always remind myself that my situation is and always has been by far much better than theirs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Have you ever felt the urge to be a friend to someone by telling "comforting words"?  The fact that you know that that person is going through a hard time, you just wanna say something nice. This really is a good thing, you know. It's just that, unsolicited advice is not always appreciated or even necessary.

ESPECIALLY if you've mistaken this person for someone else. Just like this one that occurred last night on Facebook:

Yes that was me... trying to be that one random supportive Facebook friend who thought she knew what was going on and tried to give out the most appropriate response to an apparently rhetorical question.  I guess it was fortunate that this friend of mine responded quite politely. Although she might have just come up with an excuse to cover her own a**.

Kidding aside, it was just a few minutes ago when I came across another person's name on Facebook and actually realized that I mistook this "distressed" friend of mine for someone else! :) Maybe because they kind of look alike? level of acquaintance for both are the same?  And yeah, they both have the same sexual orientation :) My bad!

And for that, I made a public apology on Facebook as soon as I could :)

This is what you get for being too nosy... but then again, who ever said that personal matters should be announced?