Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Very basic, but will still serve as a good reminder for others...

By jesssmith

Do you know anything about fashion rules? Do you know how to pair jeans with your tops? Ever heard of thongs and panty lines? If you know nothing on any of what I asked, you should really read this article. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts when it comes to fashion.
1. Never wear double denim.

We all know that denim jeans can blend with almost anything but it is not ideal to pair it with denim tops also. For instance, jeans and denim jackets or denim pants with denim tops. Forget wearing this combination because it looks shabby and costume-y, aside from that it isn’t trendy at all. When you want to wear denims, make sure to choose either the jeans or denim jackets but not both.

2. Dressing up right for interviews and internships.

When attending meetings or interviews, it is better to overdress than underdress. It might be awkward to overdress for the event but it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Moreover, getting overdressed will leave a good impression than looking like a dag. Just remember this rule whenever you’re going for an interview or internship.

3. Never match up your jeans with running shoes.

If you think running shoes go with jeans, then let me tell you now it’s not. It’s a big no no and I think many fashionistas would agree with this. Never pair up jeans with athletic shoes as an alternative for casual shoes. If it happens that you don’t own one, it’s not an excuse to wear it because running shoes are only use when you’re at the gym or if you’re going for jogging.

4. Undergarments no no!

If we are talking about fashion crimes topping are panty lines. It is so irresistibly annoying that many women still have them. To get rid off the ugly panty lines, you need to wear a thong when your pants are tight and light-colours. If you are not a fan of thongs, try wearing a variety of trousers, seamless boy shorts, or just overcome the fear of wearing thongs. These may seem to be uncomfortable to wear but they are not, just buy the right brand.
A brightly-coloured bra paired with see-through shirts is another fashion crime. It might be a good combo to look during runaways but not in everyday attire. Keep in mind to wear a nude bra underneath every time you are dressed with a white shirt.

5. If you’re not comfortable then don’t wear it.

Finally, this is the most important rule among all with regards to fashion. You may not follow any of the rules mentioned above but please follow this one. Don’t wear what you don’t like, in any given occasion if you’re not feeling well on an outfit just don’t wear it. The main reason of fashion is to make you look great and of course to make you feel comfortable. Wearing something that you do not desire will definitely reflect a bad impression; it will be seen all over your face. Instead of enjoying the event you are attending, you’ll just going to spend much more time looking after your outfit.
Now you know that running shoes cannot be match with your denim pants. Overdressed is better than underdressed for interviews and internships. Panty lines and brightly-coloured bras plus light-coloured shirts and pants are awful sights. Given this information, you are now ready to go out and enjoy fashion and can even share it with your friends.

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