Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist thinking of making changes! I know this is all unsolicited advice but, with this picture of Keira Knightly, all I felt was to get in through the monitor and change her! :)

"Here she is at the L.A. Film Festival premiere of "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" in a Valentino-designed dress and minimal makeup."

Although I wished I had the software and time to make the changes I wanted, here are the changes I want to make: 

- toss out that wreath on her head
- let her hair down and put on some shine on them brown waves
- put on evening make up
- cut the dress up to 3 inches above her knees
- put on a silk mute pink ribbon belt like the one from Beyond Retro like I used HERE
- change her shoes to Jimmy Choo red strappy heels like THIS
- and make her use a bejeweled gold frame minaudiere red clutch from Heys like THIS

That's it! I admire you, Keira... But I just wished you were dressed better during this event :)


  1. nyahahaha... you can actually.. the photoshoped Keira courtesy of you... she looked fine to me.. except for the dress..heheh :)

  2. hehe I'll work on that someday :) Para hindi nalang puro Looklet ang inaasahan ko with styling. Thank you!

  3. Good luck to your desired changes! Sure you can make it better :)

  4. Great ideas you have there. But somehow, imagining her with loose hair, or letting her hair down could be sexier. :)

    Lizzie of Pinkville

  5. Nice concept in mind sweetie :) keep it up! We're both dancer at heart :)

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  6. I agree, the dress should be shorter! The shoes you're suggesting is a killer and it would show her sexy gams!