Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Inspiration from "CRAP"

Today, some generally definitively crappy activities would be television, certain networking sites, movie stars, certain music, among others.

But for me, I like watching TV. But I do choose what to watch. I like movies, some reality shows, series, sit coms, but only if they inspire me. I do feel like I've fallen in love with certain celebrities as well, (who doesn't?) and that too, inspires me. I guess I pretty much have the talent for seeing the beauty out of a lot of things that I see, hear, and read. It's not always a waste of time, you know. It's just a matter of getting inspiration and life lessons out of all of them. Sometimes, I actually consider my "aha!" moments to be messages from God. Nope, it's not blasphemous, because I do get answers especially during my "times of sorrow".  I have had amazing realization moments, answers to mind wrecking questions, and again, inspiration to find out what I was meant to do in this life. When I see new things that I find interesting, I slowly realize what my desires really are. 

So if people say that some of your hobbies are crap, they're not always right. It's what your hobbies turn you into. If you have hobbies that make you a crappy person, then hell, ditch it! But hobbies that inspire you, make you a better person, more knowledgeable, creative...go for it! You have to remember, known people of today were once thought of as weird and maybe even crappy. But that's what made them successful. The fact that they're not like everyone else. That they've come up with things that not very many people have. And the best part of it is, they have reached their happiest levels of their lives by actually knowing what their hearts desire. 

Know how to distinguish crappy from inspiring. Or even to turn crappy into inspiring. Not everyone will like you or even appreciate what you do. Please yourself first by pleasing God. God is the one that put all those desires into your heart, so it honors Him when you appreciate and use the desires/talents that He put in there. God's creation was and will never be crappy.  

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