Friday, May 4, 2012


I discovered Looklet back in October of 2010 through an office mate of mine. I haven't realized than how much I was so into it even if it was the first thing I'd do once I had free time at work. Yes, only during free time. ;-)

Until after a few weeks, then months, that I've totally forgotten about it, it was just about last month that I was "craving" for it. I completely forgot the name of the website, and I even prayed that I'd find it. Yes, I've tried getting in touch my friend who introduced it to me, but we somehow surprisingly have this unidentified friendship issue.

So I just kept trying to search all over Google until I stumbled upon the H&M website where they have a similar section in their site for dressing up. And then in about a month or less, the dressing room part of the H&M website folded up.

Again, for my search for fashion/style sites that I miraculously found Looklet again! But unfortunately, the closed down the community. Although you can still use their dressing up section, you can no longer save it. Heck, you can't even log in anymore. I have been dressing up models again, and I have become more and more addicted to it. This is why I've been planning to save all my creation here apart from Facebook. About a couple of weeks ago, my first few creations are still existing whenever I search for my old Looklet username on Google, so I'm still good with that.. until today when I tried looking it up again. I can't seem to find them anymore! It effin' sucks!!! :(

I will be working on looking for my old creations again...I gots tto!

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