Sunday, January 12, 2014


The moment I saw my childhood toys as soon as I entered my room, a very strange feeling washed over me. I can't seem to find the right words to describe it. I guess this tells a lot about the childhood I had. I suddenly felt like I went back in time, to about 25 years back and actually feeling what I felt, thinking what I thought during the first few minutes that I had my toys in my hands again. It was such a divine feeling that I can't help but share it to whoever reads this. It hit me hard at my core.

It's only at this stage in my life that I'm beginning to understand the real value of understanding your past and/or where you come from. And this short experience with my toys dragged me deeper into this meaning that I've always been searching for within myself. I've always known what I wanted since I was a child, but never got around to understanding what it really was. 

I wanted to create, to build, to innovate, to invent. But what exactly? I'm still not sure. 

With all the different things I went through in life, my childhood in Jeddah might have been the my favorite stage of my life so far. And what makes it even more special/a bit sad is the fact that I can never go back to the place where I grew up. This may also be one reason why these memories are extra special. 

And I guess the longing for simpler times as well.

I wish everyone gets to experience what I just did. It's one of those feelings that only this life can bring you. A feeling that can say you've lived your life. That you've made good memories. That you've spent it well. 

Lord, I still can't seem to get over what I just experienced. I'm so happy with all the emotions and thoughts that ran through me. This is the life You gave me. This is how everyone's life should be -- full of sacred memories. Thank You, Father.

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