Saturday, July 7, 2012


Again, the last minute me strikes again. But this time, I have about 22 hours left...ha!

Anyway, my 5 blessings for this week are:

1. MY JOB - I have long prayed for the job that I have right now. I asked God to give me the best one that He thinks I deserved after all that I've been through, and He got me one :) Quite surprisingly, He gave me a job that I did not see myself doing in the past...but with a lot of bonus. He got me crazy friends too! :)

2. FINANCES - Family finances, that is. We have struggled for at least a year, I think, with our financial issues to the point that we had to let go of something very valuable to us. I had to sacrifice moving to another country just so I could pitch in more that I normally could, but to no avail either. But right now, God did not let us down at all, He got us some help through some angels and it looks like we're on our way getting over our major financial problems. :) He also opened our eyes to see who truly cared for us despite our family's "fall".

3. FRIENDS - Yes, they are very important to me. I got some angels of my own who cheer me up and inspire me during my lowest times. They don't know how thankful I am...yet. ;-) I got angels who lent/gave me money when I had completely nothing, who made me laugh after painfully crying about our problems earlier that day, those who inspire me to never give up, and those that gave us love that no other non-blood relative can probably ever do.

4. FAMILY - It's something I admittedly overlook. Sorry Lord. But our little place that we now call home is what's unexpectedly getting us literally and figuratively closer than ever. I appreciate each other's presence more, and I really don't mind the size of our new place because of all the love that I feel everyday. :)

5. STRUGGLES - I am proud to say that I have finally learned to look beyond the struggles that I have, am, and will be encountering. It has been difficult to understand the good side of all the negative events, but if you  just try, then you will :) I have been down to nothing only to see everything that I truly have. I have been stripped of all that I normally could acquire in order to see all that I have that I can and should actually be sharing. I have been given more than I thought I could handle, only to find out what I'm actually capable of.

Oh God truly is mysteriously amazing, don't you think? Crazy... :)  I'm actually just so dizzy in love with Him...


  1. Hi Mae,
    I'm glad you found the job you've been waiting for and you found it here in our country. Now you won't have to be away from your loved ones and friends.
    Don't worry about the problems. They make us stronger. :)

    1. Thank you! I feel more settled now :)

  2. You're right Sis, overcoming struggles are also considered as blessings. God always give us strenght to overcome these things. God is truly amazing...I'm giving a big NOD to this. :)

  3. There is a song from laura story that goes, what if the belssing comes through raindrops, what if the blessings comes through tears, what if a thousand sleepless nights could what it takes to know you're near, what if my greatest disappointments and the achings of this life, is a reaveling of a greater worth, this world cant satisfy, what if trials in this life are your mecies in disguise.

    I just love this song.

  4. I guess every once in a while we always have problems with our finances. But like you, I am thankful that God provides even when we least expect it. We're not that financially well-off but we're getting by and able to buy the things we want by saving up for it.;)

  5. truly some essential things in life we ought to be thankful about! thanks for sharing this! ;)

    musings on meanderings

  6. I don't count my blessings. They're endless. :)

    -- KHIM

  7. Hi! Struggles are part of our life. There's no way we can make it if not with those trials. I always believe that God will never give us burden we can't carry. The bottom line still is we should learn from those.

    Mommy Maye

  8. I admire that you count your struggles as "blessings" coz it takes a really matured person to realize that it's from these struggles that we evolve into better individuals.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I just opened my mind that struggles are part of my blessings. Good to know that you got the job.