Sunday, February 5, 2012

Experimenting -- mumbling to myself

Today I learned to experiment.  This is my 2nd week of live streaming The Feast PICC on

According to Bo Sanchez, if you don't know what your talents are yet, then go and experiment! Once you discover what your talent is, develop it, then monetize it. Sounds good, huh? It got me all giddy and excited, I've been trying to figure out what t experiment on all day. !@#$%    


I went out to Punggol Park on my own this afternoon, just before the sun was to set. It was beautiful! About time I went out and got my body moving again.  This time, I enjoyed the view. There was this lake right at the center of it, and I couldn't help but mesmerise.

And this is something new that I did today. Experimenting on whether going out for long walks and/or discoveries would be a new habit of mine.  Hmmm... Kind of doesn't count, eh?  Who cares, I like what I did.  And it was good for me.  Fresh, clean air, lots of people around, beautiful water, plenty of trees, etc.

Okay, so what to experiment on.  I got piano, violin, and painting on the list.  But I can't really start on those just yet as I would need extra funds to support those new activities.  Dancing will always be there...ooohh danciiiiiiiiiiing <3  *eyes twinkling*  Oh I have got to get in shape soon! Hence, my walk around Punggol Park does count! Aha!

Writing, of course, will always be somewhere at the top of my list. :)  I don't remember coming up with specific topics just yet, but I enjoy mumbles to myself. It's my way of analysing what's actually been running in my head.

Okay, I'm out.


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